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New Custom Logo Mugs Including Asheville Mugs

Salvaterra Pottery just developed a new technique for creating custom and logo mugs. Our new mugs allow for a cleaner relief of the logo/graphic.  The design is raised and iron oxide is rubbed into the nooks and crannies of the design to help accent the logo.

imageWe are offering these mugs in 4 different glaze combinations and are working on adding red to this line.  Mugs generally have a cream inside that goes over the edge of the mug with a translucent glaze on most of the exterior.  Colors now being offered are: Carolina Blue, Celedon, Fern Green, and Maple.

We can turn your digital, black and white design into a die we impress into the clay of our wide mouth mugs.  Cost to have your original design cut into a die runs $125 and is a one time expense.  Mugs may be ordered in any quantity.  Special organization and wholesale pricing is available upon request.image

Or use our mountain design and add your name under the design to save on die cutting charges.  As we continue to add new designs to our collection other options will be available.