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Crafting Unique Handmade Pottery & Woodworks

Our driving purpose is more than just creating handmade goods; it’s about sharing our passion for pottery and woodworks with our community. Each piece we craft is a testament to our love for the art, designed to bring a piece of our studio’s heart into your home.

Custom Creations

Our custom creations showcase the importance of individuality. We believe that everyone should own something that speaks to them personally. That's why we offer bespoke pottery and woodwork services, tailored to your preferences. From personalized dinnerware sets to custom-crafted furniture, we bring your visions to life with a touch of Salvaterra's signature style.

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Sue Hintz


Sue Hintz is the soulful potter behind Salvaterra’s exquisite ceramic pieces. Since founding Salvaterra back in 1996, Sue’s work has become a reflection of her dedication to her craft. Her passion for pottery is infused in every piece, each one a blend of functionality and artistry.

Randy Hintz


Sue’s husband Randy is the founder of Refined Rustic Woodworks, now a proud part of the Salvaterra brand. With a keen eye for detail and a passion for woodworking, Randy creates stunning pieces of furniture and home decor that perfectly complement Salvaterra’s handmade pottery.

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Our Story

Salvaterra Pottery & Woodworks, rooted in the artistic enclave of Asheville, North Carolina, embodies the shared passions of Sue and Randy Hintz for pottery and woodworking. Born from Sue's lifelong affinity for the arts and Randy's expertise in woodcraft, their venture has grown from a modest basement studio into a flourishing business, renowned for its unique blend of functional pottery and distinctive woodworks.

Since its inception in 1996, Salvaterra has become a staple in the local art community, partnering with galleries across the region and nurturing family ties through creativity. Together, Sue's pottery and Randy's woodworking harmonize to offer a collection that enhances everyday life with touches of artisanal beauty, making Salvaterra not just a business, but a way of life that celebrates the joy of handcrafted art.


Salvaterra Pottery, nestled in the vibrant arts community of Asheville, North Carolina, is the culmination of Sue Salvaterra Hintz's lifelong passion for the arts—a journey that began in a home filled with creativity. Raised by a father skilled in woodworking and a mother proficient in quilting and crafts, Sue was surrounded by artistic inspiration from a young age. Despite her parents' reservations about pursuing a career in the arts, the call to create was a constant companion.

Initially conforming to her parents' wishes, Sue ventured into the world of computer programming, complementing her degree with a minor in dance. She later achieved a master's degree in counseling and embarked on a career in university administration. However, it was during her tenure at the University of North Carolina-Asheville that Sue discovered her true calling. A pottery class at UNCA ignited a passion for ceramics, setting her on a path that would redefine her life.

Established in 1996 while Sue was still navigating her administrative role at UNCA, Salvaterra Pottery blossomed from a part-time endeavor in her basement studio into a thriving business. This transition, fueled by a desire for a traditional lifestyle and the joy of full-time pottery, led to the establishment of a new studio and gallery in Weaverville, North Carolina, in late 2017. Over the years, Salvaterra Pottery has forged strong bonds with local galleries in Asheville, Black Mountain, Blowing Rock, Waynesville, and beyond, with many becoming like family.

Sue's creations, primarily functional pottery, reflect her commitment to blending art with everyday utility. Her work, supported by her husband, Randy, encompasses a wide array of pieces, from dinnerware and lamps to bowls and vessel sinks. Randy, a master woodworker, has significantly contributed to the Salvaterra brand, not only through his support in the studio but also by integrating his woodworking brand, Refined Rustic Woodworks, into Salvaterra. This partnership has enriched Salvaterra's offerings, introducing a range of unique woodwork products that complement the pottery collection.

The Salvaterra family extends beyond Sue and Randy, including their son Alex and his wife, Virginia, who assists with social media and technical support. Even their dog plays a role, offering security and companionship under the cooling kilns.

For Sue and her family, pottery is not just a profession—it's a way of life. Inspiration can strike at any moment, and the dedication to their craft often calls for midnight kiln checks. Choosing this path has brought fulfillment and joy, making Salvaterra Pottery a beloved part of their lives and the wider community. Salvaterra Pottery & Woodworks, with its rich history and commitment to craftsmanship, invites you to explore the beauty and utility of their creations, each piece a reflection of a deeply rooted love for the arts.

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Learn More About Salvaterra’s Beginnings




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Sue was on the cover of Asheville Made Magazine. Article tells a little bit about how she began as an artist.

Hear From Our Happy Customers

Trace Short
Trace Short
a week ago
We just purchased our 9th piece from the Salvaterra Pottery collection. All are beautiful and high quality items. We have never had a chip or crack. Customer service is outstanding. Sue just processed a rush custom order for us, just in time for my wife's birthday. I recommend Salvaterra Pottery with enthusiasm.
whitney Cambata
whitney Cambata
3 months ago
Absolutely the best pottery shop I’ve ever visited! My mother in law wanted to see some functional pottery pieces while she was in town. I am so glad we ventured out to weaverville to this place! Sue was incredibly welcoming and friendly! Her pieces are beautiful! We cannot wait to visit again and buy some more items! Bonus….her “grand dog” Cookie was the cutest pup ever!
Michele Nelson
Michele Nelson
2 weeks ago
The pottery and woodwork are beautiful! This shop is just full of gorgeous handmade pieces. The owners were wonderful to talk with and made the stop even better.