Asheville, NC Pottery Shop Locations | Salvaterra Pottery

Looking for Pottery in Asheville, NC?  Salvaterra Pottery sells work in a few locations in Asheville.  If you don’t want to head out to our studio in Weaverville, then we have some great shops in Asheville.

Salvaterra Pottery rents a space at the Kress Emporium in Asheville.  This  Asheville Shop is located in downtown Asheville at 19 Patton Avenue.  This is in the heart of Asheville. Pottery at Kress

At Kress, Salvaterra Pottery is located in one of the premier spaces.  We maintain the space ourselves, including pricing & displaying.  Since this is one of Salvaterra Pottery’s Asheville locations that we manage ourselves, there is always a large selection of our work that we specifically choose.  We consider this our Salvaterra Pottery at Kress Location business.

We also manage a second Salvaterra Pottery location in Asheville at the Asheville Pottery by SalvaterraWoolworth Walk.  Similar to Kress, we rent this location and display, maintain, stock and own the pottery sold here.  We are a business inside of Woolworths Walk.  If you can’t find what you want at Kress, go around the corner and take a look at what we have at Woolworth’s Walk.

If you are shopping in the Biltmore Area of Asheville, check out New Morning Gallery.  They too have our pottery.  Unlike the above galleries, New Morning purchases our work and sells it for us.  They usually have a nice display and almost always have our bacon cookers.

We also create custom Asheville Mugs for the Asheville Chamber of Commerce Shop.

Many of the pottery we create includes, dinnerware, mugs, bowls, lamps, night lights, bacon cookers, themed mugs and much, much more.  If you haven’t shopped for pottery in Asheville, you should really check out one of the above locations.

And if you want to see where it is all made then visit our studio / gallery in Weaverville, which is about 15 minutes north from the central part of Asheville.  Meet the staff and see where it is made.