What’s New at Salvaterra Pottery? Home Decor, including Pendant Lights, Decorative Tile with Custom Wood Frames

Now that we are in the new studio/gallery, we can start really creating the home décor pottery pieces we have always wanted.  First on the list are our new porcelain pendant lights with mountain designs.  Also included in our latest designs are custom tile (framed and unframed).  We also are making more and more table lamps and vessel bathroom sinks.  All of our new home décor pieces are designed to coordinate with our existing pottery and serving pieces.

Porcelain Pendant Lights

Every pendant light is unique and translucent so the light beautifully glows through.  Presently being sold through our location and comes in two sizes.  You many purchase the pendant by itself or with a light fixture.  Light fixtures have a plug on the end so you may place them anywhere in your home without the need for an electrician.  Plenty of cord and hooks to mount.  Fabulous!

framed handmade bear tileDecorative Tile

Also added to our repertoire, decorative tile.  We are introducing our three panel tile, “ Bear Cubs in the Mountains Scene”.  Each is carefully hand glazed, section by section.  A length process and so worth the final result. They may be purchased individually or in the set of three.  Also are available with fabulous custom live edge wood framing.  All done in house as a collaborative piece of work,  by Salvaterra Pottery and Refined Rustic Woodworking.  The center tile is approximately 8×8” and the side panels are approximately 4×8”

We are also finalizing our newest decorative tile design, “Crescent Moon over the Blue Ridge”.  Again, each section of the tile is pain stakenly hand glazed and reflects the area in which we live.  Presently, available in a 6×6” center tile, with side panels approximately 3×6”.  These will also be sold individually, as a set, and custom framed.  Beautiful as a back splash in your mountain home or as a decorative piece.

Up Coming Work

Plans are in the works for the use of our tile in more custom woodworking pieces designed by Refined Rustic Woodworking.  These include lamps, mirrors, clocks and much more.  Stay tuned as we keep creating.

Coordinating Pieces in the Bathroom

Shortly we will be displaying our vessel sink with our “Cresent Moon over Blue Ridge” Mirror.  Vessel sink is mounted on live edge counter.  Pendant lights over the mirror.  Customers enjoy our bathroom as much as our gallery for shopping and home decor ideas.  It delights us every time we have someone take us in our bathroom to discuss their ideas for their home with our new work.  Come see for yourself, as new pieces are frequently being added to our gallery.