IMG_0334 Sue Salvaterra Hintz

Chip and Dip Video | Made On Potters Wheel

Pottery Chip and Dip | How It’s Thrown on the Potters Wheel Video

The Pottery Chip and Dip is one of the favorites by many.  This Chip and Dip is quite unique because the attached bowl is to the side rather than centered.  It creates more space for the chips and is astatically pleasing to the eye.  This is our number one wedding gift purchase.  And we will put the couples name and wedding date on the bottom of the piece.

The Pottery Chip and Dip is thrown in two pieces.  The first day the smaller bowl is thrown.  After it can be handled, usually the next day, the larger bowl is thrown.  And then the smaller bowl is attached to the larger bowl.  Special care must be given during the drying process.  The rims must be covered so they dry slowly.  Once the piece has dried it is stamped with our logo and personalized if requested.  And then it dries the rest of the way on a cart for at least a week.

Then the piece goes into the kiln for the first time and fired to a little under 1800 degrees.  This is a two day process.  After it is taken out of the kiln, it gets waxed on the bottom.  Then it gets glazed with at least three glazes.  Glazes are applied by dipping into buckets.  Spraying is sometimes used for special effects.  Usually a streak of color is also put on with a bottle.

Bottoms then get wiped off so no glaze will stick to the kiln shelves and in the go to the kiln for a second firing.  This time they fire to around 2235 degrees.  This is another two day process.

Once the kiln cools the pieces are unloaded from the kiln and the bottoms are sanded smooth.  And now they are ready for you, the customer.

Pieces are usually touched around 20 different times from beginning to end.  Each piece is uniquely different.  Watch Pottery Chip and Video above to see Sue making it on the pottery wheel.